Terms and Conditions

All the main features of our products are outlined on our website www.cinnabargreen.com. If you have further questions about a product, please feel free to contact us at 
Cinnabar Green Ltd 
P O Box 477
Nanyuki 10400
[email protected]
When you place an order via Cinnabar Green, the order is a binding offer to purchase products under these terms and conditions. You will, before approving your order, have the option to correct or delete products that you have added to the shopping cart and change the information you have provided in connection with your purchase.

The price for a product is the price (s) indicated at Cinnabar Green at the time of booking. Subject to misprints and sold out items. The price for any delivery is stated on your order and the total price for your order is shown in the order confirmation.

All prices for products at Cinnabar Green are valid until changed. Prices are quoted in Kenyan Shillings incl. VAT, but excl. delivery costs.

Cinnabar Green withdraws the payment amount from your account when you click on “Place Order”. Once the transaction is completed, it will appear in your account. When paying by debit card, your information is SSL encrypted and sent directly to Cinnabar Green’s payment service provider. Cinnabar Green does not have access to your payment information.

Cinnabar Green sends you an electronic order confirmation as approval of your purchase. This contains order number, name, address, shipping address, payment method, specification of the ordered products and the total price incl. any delivery costs.

Cinnabar Green receives a digital copy of all orders, but it is recommended that you keep a record of your order confirmation as it contains important information about the sale. The order confirmation is also relevant if the purchase is canceled. When you receive the order confirmation, it is recommended that you review it and immediately contact Cinnabar Green if you believe it contains errors or inconsistencies. The order stated in the order confirmation is valid unless you make a written submission immediately after receipt of the order confirmation, as Cinnabar Green will ship the product as soon as possible after the order has been received.

Please see our Shipping page under Customer Services at the base of each web page for further information regarding the shipping and delivery of your order.

When you receive your purchase, please carefully check your delivery to establish if there have been any errors or omissions. You can contact to Cinnabar Green within 48 hours of receipt of your purchase if there have been errors or omissions.

If you have any reason to contact us about your purchase, please contact us at phone number +254743 618969  or by writing an e-mail to [email protected]

To facilitate the procedure for future purchases at Cinnabar Green, Cinnabar Green uses a “cookie”. It is a small file that is stored on your own PC. This means that you do not have to enter your address the next time you purchase products at Cinnabar Green. Of course, if you would prefer, you can delete the cookie on your PC.