Sulphate-free Body Wash – 200mL

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Sulphate-free Body Wash with vetiver, lavender & laurel leaf for sensitive and dry skin


All-natural, plant-derived and sulphate-free body wash. Ideal for dry, sensitive and combination skins. Its natural lipids create an intensive moisturizing and skin-softening effect. Rapidly bio-degradable.

Don’t expect the same level of lather and bubble that you would with a sulphate-based wash but we promise that you’re getting the same level of cleansing.

Instructions: Wet the body, and gently lather with a large bead of the wash. The wash does not foam so much because it is SLES-free. Do not overapply the wash so as to increase the foam. This may cause dryness to the skin. Rinse well. Avoid getting the wash in your child’s eyes. If you do, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


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water, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate*, glyceryl oleate* cocamidopropyl betaine*, coco-glucoside*, vegetable glycerine, lauryl glucoside*, essential oils of lavender, vetiver and bay leaf, cocodiethanolamine, sodium benzoate (food-grade preservative), citric acid (pH-buffer), dehydroacetic acid (natural preservative), benzyl alcohol (natural preservative)

*All plant-based, natural surfactants.


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