Coffee & Tea Tree Body Scrub – 200g

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Deep cleansing and softening exfoliation with sea salt and ground coffee seeds in moisturising plant oils with natural vitamin e and cleansing tea tree, orange and coriander essential oils

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Key Ingredient Benefits

The Essential Oil Blend. The blend is perfect for all skin types; mature, sensitive, dry and oily. All the essential oils are antiseptic, and together they act as parasiticides, fungicidal, bactericidal, anti-infectious and antitoxic. Additionally, the tea tree is effective against rashes, burns and wounds while the sweet orange acts on scars, stretch marks and thread veins. Petitgrain may minimise excessive perspiration from the body.

Sea Salt. The fine salt particles gently remove the dead skin cells, and the oils make the experience comfortable.

The Natural Oils. Sunflower oil is a perfect carrier for the essential oils into the skin, maximising on their benefits. Its high linoleic acid content nourishes the dermis, assisting in the regeneration of skin cells to replace the ones being exfoliated. The croton megalocarpus oil is a natural exfoliant, and its lipophilic nature allows it to dissolve away the scar cells. The combined phytosterol content of the virgin oils interact with the lamellar lipid layer of the skin, strengthening its barrier, and structurally improving the moisturization of the skin.

Natural Vitamin E. Helps maintain cellular structure, natural moisture and elasticity of the skin and improves its micro-circulation. It is a natural antioxidant and aids in preventing damage caused by solar UV radiations, being aided by the coriander essential oil and the antioxidants in the virgin oils.

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sea salt, virgin avocado oil, virgin macadamia oil, virgin and cold-pressed croton megalocarpus oil, sunflower seed oil, natural vitamin e, coriander, petitgrain, tea tree, bergamot and sweet orange essential oils.


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